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Upcoming meetings and books on the Beamer calendar:

February 10 – The White Bone – Barbara Gowdy (Journey through Africa with a band of alien creatures, called elephants)

March 10 – An Inheritance of Ashes – Leah Bobet (War is over, the soldiers return home to the farm. And so do the monsters that they fought.)

April 14(?) – More Than Human – Theodore Sturgeon (The next step in human evolution is 6 individuals living in a home for the developmentally challenged.)

May 12 – The Plague Dogs – Richard Adams (Rowf and Snitter escape from the lab.  The bio-weapons lab.)

June 9 – Swords and Deviltry – Fritz Leiber (When Fafhrd met Mouser, or Sleepless in Lankhmar)

May 8, 2020 – Watership Down – Richard Adams (These ain’t your old gaffer’s coneys. The hare with a thousand faces.)

Books currently under consideration, Stardate 2017.01.13

Water Knives

  • Trigger Warning: Short Fiction and Disturbances – Neil Gaiman (Beamer favorite has collection of short pieces, verse, Doctor Who, and American Gods extras)
  • The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories – Ken Liu (Translator of The Three Body Problem presents his own best short fiction, including title piece, first winner of Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy awards simultaneously)
  • Roadside Picnic – Arkady and Boris Strugatsky (New translation of classic Russian sf novel about humans picking through alien leftovers
  • Stand on Zanzibar – John Brunner (A world over-populated by billions, ruled by mega-computers, in a narrative told by sound-bites and snippets.  A classic of the 1960s New Wave sf movement.)
  • Lord Valentine’s Castle – Robert Silverberg (A juggler wanders the big planet of Majipoor, heading for a dimly recalled home and a destiny that will toss society like a knife.)

People with “Old Eyes”

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