About the Beamers

The Beam Me Up Science Fiction Book Club is an amusing group of people who usually meet at 7 p.m. (or so) on the second Friday of each month at the Panera’s in Montclair, New Jersey. All are welcome.

The club reads the best — hopefully — of science fiction and fantasy, including space opera, utopian, dystopian, hard sf, soft sf, feminist sf, cyberpunk, alternative histories, alternative futures, slipstream, dark sf, erotic sf, new wave, new weird, and epic, heroic, urban, historical, mythical, humorous, science and dark fantasy, as well as related non-genre works.

The book club was started by Eileen in memory of her book store, Beam Me Up, Watson. Eileen is connected to a number of other science fiction and fantasy fan societies, including the SF Association of Bergen County and the SF Society of Northern NJ.

The club is moderated by Eugene, science fiction and fantasy fan, who has been reading in the field since he was eight. Eugene writes and edits reviews of genre books for the New York Review of SF. He attends the occasional convention and is, as he puts it, on the outer edges of fandom.

The blog was designed and is maintained by Alan, our techno-wizard, who has been fiddling with computers since the days in which “bugs” were actual insects.  He is also a great source for pop-cultural genre materials and references, a man who knows his Golden Age from his Silver Age Batman and both from the Dark Knight Era version.

The book club originally met in Marina’s store, Cup and Chaucer in Montclair, New Jersey and followed Marina to Watchung Booksellers, where we still procure our monthly reading.


NOTE: If you believe that any material on this website violates your intellectual property rights, please contact us with detailed information so that we may take appropriate steps.



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