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Oy, Robot!

A post about a long lost draft of Isaac Asimov’s Evidence, a story in his classic book I, Robot. (See Eugene’s meeting notes from May 2015.) According to Wikipedia: I, Robot is a fixup of science fiction short stories … [that] originally appeared in the American magazines Super Science Stories and Astounding Science Fiction between …

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Aye, the Good Doctor

Meeting on a mild evening in the middle of May, the Beamers put our positronic brains to work on the venerable robot stories of Isaac Asimov, collected as I, Robot.  While the tales were definitely “old school” classic sf, we still found a number of relevant and humorous touchstones that make them valuable for even …

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Video: How to Survive a Robopocalypse

A short — though I thought incomplete — video on how to survive a robot uprising. The fine people at Epipheo Studios enlisted the services of David H. Wilson, PhD in robotics, author of Robopocalypse and “the world’s foremost expert” on robot survival, to advise.

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