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Best-Ever Teen Novels

NPR Books reports on its listeners’ volunteer ranking of children and young adult books. As is common with these types of polls, the results are heavily biased toward new releases. Still, I’m happy to report that five of the top ten books (and series) and six of the next ten are Beamish books. I’m also …

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NPR’s Summer Sci-Fi Selection

Annalee Newitz, editor-in-chief of io9.com and online columnist for NPR, sets forth her five choices for the best science fiction and fantasy reads for the summer of 2012. “This year has been a particularly good one for science fiction books that are page turners with pleasingly complicated political and social subtexts. Here are five recent …

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Kafka and the Kat Lady

Franz Kafka, author of The Metamorphosis among other works, dies in 1924. Very little of his work was published before he died; he left explicit instructions with this literary executor that his works be destroyed upon Kafka’s death.The executor, to the grateful satisfaction of generations of readers, did not do so. Kafka’s papers eventually made …

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