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Hunger Games Barbie

Being the progressive parents that we were (and are), my wife and I agreed never to buy our daughter any Barbies. That resolve vanished after she received her first Barbie as a birthday present. Barbie, of course, needed additional clothes and additional friends. But I think we might have felt differently had Mattel issued Barbies …

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Beanie Baby Hunger Games

I refrained from any “Hunger Games” post in deference to Eugene’s meeting notes. But there are limits to my restraint. ***SPOILERS*** Coming in May:  The Pogs Avengers?

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Feed me! Feed me!

[The following is a retro posting of our meeting notes from September 2010, when the Beamers lept into the arena to do hand-to-hand battle with The Hunger Games. – Eugene R.] Taking our lead from our literature, a gaggle of Beamers dined well before tackling The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, a Young Adult (YA) …

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