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Science Fiction That Can Change Our Future

This link on Slate caught my eye because I recognized the Oryx and Crake cover art (so, yes, I am reading the book). As part of their “Can We Imagine Our Way to a Better Future?” event, The New America Foundation asked some sci-fi writers to recommend some reading for 2016 presidential candidate. The list …

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Stranger Than Fiction

There is a new 6 part podcast series in the works sponsored by Future Tense, which is a partnership of Slate, the New America Foundation, and Arizona State University on emerging technologies, public policy, and society. It’s called Stranger Than Fiction, and the host Tim Wu will be interviewing contemporary science fiction writers about whether …

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New Yorker SF Issue

This month’s The New Yorker double fiction issue is dedicated to science fiction. Ray Bradbury, Ursula Le Guin, China Mieville, Margret Atwood, and William Gibson all appear, with not quite SF pieces by Juno Diaz and Anthony Burgess. Wait, there is more. Careful consideration of the history of alien depiction in fiction is followed by …

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