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Man in the High Castle

I found this article from The Forward about the forthcoming Amazon series very interesting. Don’t know why the whole thing is underlined in the blog. Fran Counterfactual speculation about the Third Reich is at an all-time high. In recent weeks, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has claimed that German Jews could have resisted the Nazis …

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Frederik Pohl, SF master, dies at 93

New York Times has a very interesting article on Pohl that also includes a brief look at the history of SF in the U.S., in which he played a major role. Now would be a good time to read, or re-read, one or more of his novels. Fran

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Online Enhancements to Classic Sci-Fi Novels

The Library of America has announced that on July 17 it will post a whole smorgasbord of online enhancements to its forthcoming two-volume edition of “American Science Fiction: Classic Novels of the 1950s.” For details, see The New York Times article, Fran

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