By this brush, I paint!

120 pages of the art of the Fantastic, for the fantastic price of $39.95

John O’Neill, publisher/editor-in-chief of Black Gate magazine, is happy (nay, giddy!) to report that David Spurlock, working with the Frazetta Museum, has undertaken to revive a classic collection of artwork by Frank Frazetta, in a larger, more lushly produced format. Coming from Vanguard on May 30, The Fantastic Paintings of Frank Frazetta brings together both previously published and unpublished works by the artist deemed “the Rembrandt of barbarians” (according to Forbes, in an article titled “Schwarzenegger’s Sargent”.

No fantasy fan lived through the 1970s without knowing these volumes.

Fantasy fans of “a certain age” will immediately catch the homage that Spurlock makes with his cover choice. The Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta, a series of 5 volumes coming from Rufus Publications starting in 1975, sold in the millions of copies and became the genre art equivalent of the soft-rock sounds of Frampton Comes Alive (1976). Love it, hate it, but could not ignore it.

Not just barbarians, but buccaneers, blade-wielders, and beasts!

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