And then, he got us!

Over on, sf/f author and all-around nice guy Andy Duncan recounts his meeting with Gahan Wilson (1930-2019), the fabled cartoonist who added a layer of Lovecraftian weirdness to his one-panel tales of misplaced faith in the so-called “truths” of daily life.

Nothing a little visit to eBay couldn’t prevent, eh?

Mr. Wilson was most known for his cartoons that share a “gallows humor” sensibility with the best of the New Yorker stable such as Charles Addams or the alternative press gang led by Matt Groening. My own favorite of his work, though, was his semi-autobiographical reminiscence on childhood and its discontents that ran in the National Lampoon under the title Nuts. In any form, short or long, Mr. Wilson could bring a smile or raise a hackle, usually in the same drawing.

Well, some faiths are not misplaced …

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