Judging a book, oh yes, by its cover

David Pelham’s minimalist cover for a book of baroque prose and violence.

The Nerdwriter video blog on Youtube spends some time gushing over the glories of science fiction cover illustrations and the illustrators who created them (and the art directors who commissioned such high art for such “low” pulp fiction) in a recent essay, The Art of Sci-Fi Book Covers:

Nerdwriter does a capable job (in 5:20 minutes) of sketching in the history and evolution of sf covers, starting with the first superstar artist, Frank R. Paul, and gliding up to the early 1970s.  If he omits the current geniuses, such as Michael Whelan and Donato Giancola, well, we may not need much of a guide to today’s masters as we do to yesterday’s wizards of color and form.


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