To see the worlds in a pane of glass

Chinese artist/designer/architect Jian Guo, who works primarily with sf/fantasy subjects, has been working on a series of prints of the not-too-mundane bodies of the Solar System.  Using a flat, tessellated style that resembles the pieces of stained glass used in decorative and sacred architecture, the portraits of Sun, planets, and associated friends (the Moon, the heart-struck dwarf Pluto) are surrounded by astronaut and spacecraft figures, giving us some hope that the celestial spheres will not always be alone in their revolutions.


Matilda Visits Every Monday, Just Stays Until Noon, Period.


The ‘Blue Marble’ that we call home.


The co-planet, Luna, aka “the Moon”


Mars, the bringing of much Science Fiction

Mr. Guo’s sf/f art and the opportunity to purchase prints of his illustrations can be found on his Deviant Art pages.


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