How do I radiate thee? Let me Geiger counter the ways …

The Science Fiction Poetry Association has announced the winners of its annual poetry contest, with Dwarf Form (10 or fewer lines), Short Form, and Long Form (50+ lines) poems selected.  Winners, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers are all on display on the 2016 contest web page on the SFPA website.  The judge, Michael Kriesel, poet and reviewer and past President of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, provides comments on each of his selections.

The poems range from the quick snacks like Susan Burch’s haiku (Dwarf Form 3rd Place):

speed of light —

how quickly you think

I should get over it

up through Stacey Balkun’s fairy tale coda “Gretel at Menlo Mall 1996” (Short Form 2nd Place) and Wendy Rathbone’s cosmic musings on aging and the changing beliefs of life, “We Shall Meet in the Star-spackled Ruins” (Long Form 3rd Place):

after the heat-death

we shall meet in the

star-spackled ruins

of December

The Hugo and Nebula crowd do not know what they are missing.


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