The (donut) hole at the center of the SF galaxy

Phryne Fisher enjoys an old-timey New England "oil cake".

Phryne Fisher enjoys an old-timey New England “oil cake”. Photo Credit: Scott Edelman

Author/editor Scott Edelman (Science Fiction Age) likes to celebrate his convention attendance with “good conversation with good friends over good food“, and he has been recording and podcasting those munchable moments as “Eating the Fantastic”.  Taking advantage of Readercon‘s move to the historic town of Quincy, Massachusetts, this year, he nabbed a dozen treats from a local establishment, place by the name of Dunkin’ Donuts (yes, established in 1950 in Quincy, though originally under the name The Open Kettle), and then settled into the hotel lobby to nab a dozen conventioneers to chat about their favorite Readercon experiences.  Fifteen people were caught on audio as several declined the doughy delights but accepted the challenge of choosing a best event or talk or reading.

Of the many lovely folks whom Mr. Edelman plied with his corporate confections, Jen Gunnels (illustrated above) would be the one with whom I have shared the most good conversation over good (or not-so-good) food.  Dr. Gunnels has a Ph.D. in Performance Studies, works at Tor Books currently and worked with David Hartwell, and serves as the Drama Critic (or Queen of Drama) for the NY Review of Science Fiction.  And she is also a professional belly dancer, so no fear that the donut calories will last long.


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