Rod Serling, flying through life

Kathleen Trendacosta on io9 has pointed us at the PBS Digital Studios series, Blank on Blank, via their Rod Serling episode.  Taking a radio interview conducted in 1963 by Binny Lum in Melbourne, Australia, Digital Studio artists add animation to bring the themes and topics of the interview to virtual life.

Among other topics (particularly Serling’s cautious approach to transportation, especially Japanese taxis), Serling defends imaginative art like science fiction from the charge of being “out there”:

“People talk about science fiction being very far out and very wild.  I don’t  think it is any of these things.  Everything we see in the way of space travel, space concept, scientific advancement, medical discoveries was already predicted by some good science fiction 25 years ago.”

Blank on Blank has produced episodes on other artists who are significant in the imaginative fields, such as writer Kurt Vonnegut, uber-fan Roger Ebert, speculative fiction icon Ray Bradbury, artist/writer Maurice Sendak, and epic fabulist David Foster Wallace.


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