Let me gaze into your Future-rama

On Ultraculture, Jennifer Conley reports on a new version of an old divination device: a Tarot deck with the Major Arcana cards represented by characters from Matt Groening‘s animated sf comedy series, Futurama.  Created by Redditor jlambertstl, the convergence of mystical and mirthful is particularly satisfying:


Clearly, it is a Good Day for SCIENCE!


A little foolery will take you a long, long way …


Ah, so sweet, so innocent! Now, snoo-snoo!

Robot Devil

Well, really, who else did we expect?

Well, I think that I have found MY Tarot deck!



  1. This is grotesque and hilarious at the same time.

    • Eugene R.

      Great, isn’t it? Love me some post-modern blending of high and low Art (though I am not saying which is which).

      • I just watched “Big Eyes,” so I have to agree with you, there.

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