Celebrate National Science Fiction Day!

January 2 is National Science Fiction Day, a wholly fan-created holiday, i.e., not designated by yet another “act” of Congress, placed on the day chosen by noted sf author Isaac Asimov to mark his birth.  (Given the lack of records surrounding his birth in revolutionary Russia, it actually might have been as early as October 19.)

So, who recognizes National Science Fiction Day?  According to Wikipedia, the Hallmark folks and the Scholastic Book folks give it a nod.  And what better way to round off the holidays and start a new year than with a bit of sf?

Or, we can just use the fall-back position, ala Garfield:

Asimov noted in his memoirs: "Probably gave me more exposure than I've ever had before."

Asimov noted in his memoirs: “Probably gave me more exposure than I’ve ever had before.”

Garfield comic strip © Paws, Inc. – All rights reserved.




  1. Kind of wondering what this strip would look like minus Garfield. http://garfieldminusgarfield.net/

    • Eugene R.

      Interestingly, the GoComics page for Garfield (link above) includes a link to Garfield Minus Garfield, but the “deleted” version only goes back to November 2008.

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