Fascinating, Number Two …

Live long and metabolize!

Live long and metabolize!

Gary and Leah Whitta, stone Star Trek fans and parents, have written a very serious manual of potty training using Vulcan philosophy as a basis for bringing your young’un to the porcelain throne without fear.  OK, it is a serious as a Vulcan potty training manual can be, but they have used the advice therein with their own 3-year-old daughter, and Leah is a trained child-care professional.  And their friend Michael Krahulik, a co-founder of the long-running gaming webcomic Penny Arcade, is the artist.

If you cannot trust Star Trek typeface, what can you trust??

If you cannot trust Star Trek typeface, what can you trust??

However, the licensers for Star Trek, Paramount Pictures (the studio) and Bad Robot Productions (JJ Abrams’s company), are not taking the Whittas seriously.  So, they are hoping to leverage The Power of Social Media to sway the unbelievers, asking any fans of Star Trek and/or pooping to publicize their Tumblr page for the book proposal by sharing it on Facebook and/or Twitter with the hashtag “#PoopingIsLogical”.  Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, indeed.


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