Through a plain brown wrapper, darkly

Open the door to your ... Mystery Date!

Open the door to your … Mystery Date!

Tieman Zwaan, the sf/f book buyer for the American Book Center in Amsterdam, has tried out a unique marketing plan: placing genre books under wraps and giving a few key words to describe them and (hopefully) elicit some buyer interest.

And it has worked, as he reports on that the store has sold slightly over 1,000 “blind dates” in the two years that he has been putting them out.

Astute genre fans will be able to guess at most of the hidden books illustrated here.  I have read two of them (the middle pair).



  1. I’m kind of surprised you didn’t read the one with the pale gentleman.
    This would be a good “game” to play at the book club meeting.

    • Eugene R.

      I was not into vampire novels much in 1982 (this one being George R.R. Martin’s Fevre Dream), so I did give it a pass when it first appeared. I could be more sympathetic to it, now.

      • I was thinking Moorcock’s Blood.

  2. Anonymous

    I cast my lot with gambling demons and monsters ….

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