Hark, hark, hear the dogs bark …

For the last three years, authors Larry Correia and Brad Torgersen have organized a Hugo Awards voting campaign under the name “Sad Puppies”, aimed at getting nominees more in line with their conception of fixing the ills of current sf/f, namely that it is too “literary” and “progressive” and “politically correct” and filled with “Social Justice Warriors“.  Author and blogger Theodore Beale (“Vox Day”), who has been recommended for ejection from SFWA due to racist and derogatory comments, offered his own slate of “Rabid Puppies”, as well.

It speaks (or whines) for itself ...

It speaks (or whines) for itself …

This year, with the help of an outreach to the notoriously anti-feminist video gamer clan #Gamergate, they have made their recommendations into the majority of Hugo nominees.  Some fans have defended this maneuver as simply being business as usual with a popularly voted award like the Hugo.  Charlie Jane Anders on io9, however, notes that there is a difference between an award being politicized and it becoming a political football.

The ominous upshot for the Hugos is, for this year at least, a large number of the categories (especially those in which “puppy” nominees are uncontested) are going to have “No Award” votes.  I suspect that Isaac Asimov, editor of many a Hugo winners anthology, would not be pleased.  Bad dogs!  Bad, bad dogs!

[Update: Brooke Gladstone of On the Media, WNYC radio’s program for media/press journalism review, interviews Arthur Chu about the Sad Puppies wetting the Hugo carpet.]



  1. There’s a piece on this by Arthur Chu over at Salon.com.

  2. And one by by Kate Waldman on Slate.

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