Science Fiction That Can Change Our Future

This link on Slate caught my eye because I recognized the Oryx and Crake cover art (so, yes, I am reading the book). As part of their “Can We Imagine Our Way to a Better Future?” event, The New America Foundation asked some sci-fi writers to recommend some reading for 2016 presidential candidate. The list of books is necessarily pretty dark, but seems well trod by the Beamers. I guess we can kick-off the Watchung Bookstore 2015 Primaries.

And speaking of cli-fi and Margaret Atwood, this interview seems particularly timely.



  1. Eugene R.

    Thanks for the heads-up to the New America Foundation conference on Can We Imagine Our Way to a Better Future? I notice that many of the participants are associated with one of our possible selections: Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future . Should we put it on the “to read” list?

  2. kevin

    It looks like the editors are associated with ASU, and collaborating with The New America Foundation, Future Tense, Slate, etc. I went to their ASU site, and they have a lot of ongoing futurey & SF related collaborations. Regarding the book, why not read it? It could be a good tonic for the dreary apocalypse.

    • Eugene R.

      Alas and alack! The book is still in hardcover only. As soon as it goes “soft”, I propose that we put it on the reading schedule.

      • The paperback is scheduled for release on May 26, 2015.

  3. Eugene R.

    OK, that sounds like our July book, then.

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