Because sf is subversive …

Ars Technica is reporting that a Pensacola, FL high school principal has decided to drop the school’s summer reading program after the school librarian and the English department coordinator selected Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother as this year’s assigned book.

The principal cited reviews of the book that allegedly noted the book’s “positive view of questioning authority,

Neil Gaiman likes it, so how could it be bad?

Neil Gaiman likes it, so how could it be bad?

lauding ‘hacker culture’, and discussing sex and sexuality in passing” as his reasons.  Mayhap he prefers dealing more directly with sex and sexuality in his summer reading?  Or he just enjoys the delicious irony of censoring a book with a protagonist nicknamed ‘w1n5t0n’ who takes on Big Brother?

In response, Doctorow and his publisher Tor Books are sending 200 copies of the book and 2 lithographed posters of the book’s complete text to the school, as well as donating a limited edition, slipcovered copy for the school’s charity auction.  He will also participate in a videoconference about the book this fall with students and faculty at the school.

Imagine: taking on controversial ideas by discussing them instead of banning them outright.  How science fictional!



  1. Loved this book.

    • Eugene R.

      And it is great how Mr. Doctorow and his publisher are stepping right up to defend it and teach it, not preach it.

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