Jack Vance Journeys On

imagesJack Holbrook Vance has died in Oakland, California at the age of 96.

Vance was the author of numerous fantasy and science fiction works, including the Demon Princes and Tschai series.

The New York Times Magazine described Vance as “one of American literature’s most distinctive and undervalued voices.” “[Vance] artfully recombines recurring elements: the rhythms of travel; the pleasures of music, strong drink and vengeance; touchy encounters with pedants, mountebanks, violently opinionated aesthetes and zealots, louts, bigots of all stripes and boyishly slim young women with an enigmatic habit of looking back over their shoulders. His stories sustain an anecdotal forward drive that balances his digressive pleasure in imagining a world and the hypnotic effect of his distinctive tone, which has been variously described as barbed, velvety, arch and mandarin.”


Vance won Hugo Awards for The Dragon Masters, The Last Castle and This is Me, Jack Vance!; a Nebula Award for The Last Castle; a Jupiter Award for The Seventeen Virgins; the World Fantasy Award for Lyonesse: Madouc; and an Edgar for The Man in the Cage. He won the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement in 1984[ and was a Guest of Honor at the 1992 World Science Fiction Convention. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America made him its 14th Grand Master in 1997[and the Science Fiction Hall of Fame inducted him in 2001.



  1. kevin

    Maybe a “Last Castle” book club nomination in our future?

  2. Unfortunately, it’s out of print (unless, you’re thinking of the Redford/Gandolfino movie).

    • Eugene R.

      Currently, there is a collection of all of Vance’s Dying Earth stories in print (Tales of the Dying Earth), and in September there will be a collection of some of his sf stories (including “The Dragon Masters” but perhaps not “The Last Castle”) to be published by Gollancz, Jack Vance SF Gateway Omnibus

  3. Let’s keep the Vance in mind for future reading.

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