An end to Culture

Iain M. Banks, author of the Culture sf novels, at ease.

Iain M. Banks, author of the Culture sf novels, at ease.

Author Iain (M.) Banks has revealed that he has terminal cancer and is expected to live only “several months” more.  His latest mainstream novel, The Quarry, is to be published in June and will likely be his final work.  In sf, he is best known for his Culture universe, a far-future, galaxy-wide confederation watched over by intelligent machines called the Minds and their biological assistants.

A web site for friends to offer their thoughts and wishes, in addition to getting updates on the progress of his condition, has been created under the name Banksophilia: Friends of Iain Banks.  His personal statement about his illness appears there, as well.  In it, Mr. Banks tells of asking his partner Adele Hartley to “do me the honor of becoming my widow.”  (She said yes.)

Do not go gentle into that good night, Mr. Banks.  You shall be missed.



  1. What a shame. 😦 I suggest we add one of his books to our list.

    • Eugene R.

      We did read his stand-alone sf novel The Algebraist in 2011. I think we could manage another one of his works.

  2. Why not post the meeting notes on The Algebraist?

    • Eugene R.

      As you requested, the October 2011 Beamer notes on The Algebraist are posted.


  1. Quick ways through a Slow book | Beamer Books

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