Thanks for all the Kitsch

googledouglasadamsThe Google Doodle of March 11th was dedicated to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in honor of the birthday of Douglas Adams. Adams would have been 61 had he not died prematurely from a cardiac arrhythmia in 2001. Click here for the animated version.



  1. Ah, I see you saw it. Get any entertainment out of it?

    • My apologies to Stories — or should that be Mr. Williams — for not giving him credit for bringing the Doodle to my attention. I tried reblogging his post to no avail. Head over to storiesbywilliam for “Remembering Douglas Adams.”

      • Matt’s fine too, Mr. Williams is my father’s name. And its public content so its fair game. Just glad you heard about it from me. I get nervous when people discover these things on their own or get to it before I do. Makes me think I’m just a middle man 😉

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