The Dead Breakfast Club

Being a review of Damned by Chuck Palahniuk.

9780307476531Chuck Palahniuk is the bestselling author of numerous works, including Fight Club and Stranger than Fiction.

Madison Spencer is the overweight thirteen year old daughter of a Hollywood producer and a Hollywood star. She’s also dead and in Hell. But this isn’t the Hell of Milton or Dante. It’s the Hell of the Dandruff Desert, the Great Plains of Broken Glass, the Slope of Discarded Nail Parings, and other places I’m too squeamish to mention on a public blog. It’s the Hell of superseded gods; the Hell where the currency is candy — but only the good kind.

Will Maddy abandon all hope? Will she abandon all hope of abandoning all hope? Maddy questions and quests. Fortunately, she’s aided by new acquaintances: the pretty cheerleader, the rebel stoner, the football jock and the brainy geek.

Mr. Palahniuk has done a fine job in writing as an over-privileged under-appreciating tweener girl. Especially one questioning the lifestyles of her ever-so politically correct liberal parents. The book is generally fun and funny. However, it does become redundant at times and the ending does seem to veer in an unexpected and strange direction.  Warning: certain descriptions may be too graphic for some readers.



  1. Eugene R.

    Updating Dante seems to be a kind of sport in the sf/f genres. We have had Inferno by Niven and Pournelle, and the Heroes in Hell shared-world series that Janet Morris created in the late ’80s. Nice to add Mr. Palahniuk to the list.

  2. That man is a strange fellow! But his books have also brought me much guilty delights over the years. Ever read Survivor?

    • This was my first Palahniuk. Would you recommend Survivor as my second?

      • Yes I would. Did you read Fight Club too? It was significantly different from the movie in several respects, so I’d have to recommend reading it if you haven’t already.

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