Out, damn plot!

It’s been suggested to me on several occasions that I write a book. Why? Because I’ve read so much or, at least, own lots of books. (They keep the dust off the walls and tables.) Off and on, I’ve toyed with the idea of fiction writing, but could never quite come up with a plot I thought worthy. Well, that problem may have been solved. Each year Edge posits a question for the “most complex and sophisticated minds” to answer. This year’s question was, “What *should* we be worried about?” Edge received 154 responses from 155 contributors. The full responses can be found here; a summary here at Motherboard. Some examples:

  • Alfred_E._NeumannThat we will literally lose touch with the physical world. Christine Finn, archaeologist
  • That humankind’s social and moral intuitions will stifle technological process. David Pizarro, psychologist
  • That we might never go beyond democracy. Dylan Evans, CEO of Projection Point
  • That we will stop dying. Kate Jeffery, professor of behavioural neuroscience

Lots of worries; lots of potential ideas for stories. Thanks to author Susan Shwartz for bringing this to my attention.


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