The Escapists

Ah, Michael Chabon.

IMG_0220Terri and I left behind the frigid climes of New Jersey and traveled to the San Francisco Bay area, partially to visit our daughter and partially to investigate the some-time stomping grounds of Clark Ashton Smith, the auth0r of this month’s Beamer book. Fortunately, though we saw many sights and sites and many, many buildings, we saw nothing of Zothique, Averoigne or the other regions described by CAS, nor — I believe — any of the denizens of those regions.

IMG_0222We did take a field trip to Berkeley, home to the University of California at Berkeley, the Free Speech Movement and the Berkeley Public Library. The library hosted an exhibit of the writing careers of Michael Chabon (author of the Beamers’ favorite book of 2011) and Ayelet Waldman, husband and wife. Unfortunately, the exhibit consisted almost exclusively of books and DVDs cached away in glass display cases. Some analysis or criticism would have been nice. A disappointment, to say the least. Still, I did manage to snag these photos.


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