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Ansible logo, a sure sign of sf/f information to follow

Ansible logo, a sure sign of sf/f information to follow

Among the many sf/f discoveries that Mori Phelps Markova makes in Jo Walton’s highly decorated Among Others (including sf fandom and Worldcons), one that may still come as a surprise to the book’s readers is Ansible.  David Langford’s free monthly newsletter is one of the best sources for news of and about the sf/f genres, the doings of their fans (convention lists for UK events a primary listing each month), and the often-curious comments that sf/f attracts from the non-initiates (“As Others See Us”).  One favorite entry is “Thog’s Masterclass”, a miscellany of misbegotten prose that snuck into print, somehow, somewhere, generally in the name of genre, though all literary types are invited to play.

Ansible began publication in August of 1979, making Mori’s reading group among the earliest of its subscribers.  Langford has been honored for his contributions to the genres with 28 Hugo awards for Best Fan Writer, Best Fan Zine, and Best Semiprozine. Despite recent hearing and sight problems, Langford continues, with the help of a worldwide band of contributors, to turn out one of the most comprehensive, humorous, and generous compendiums of genre news available.


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