Not so Dispossessed

Copyright © by Marian Wood Kolisch

It’s always kind of disjointing (and weird) when two apparently unrelated portions of life intersect. This particular Venn diagram relates to Occupy Oakland (which my reporter daughter most excellently covers) and Ursula K. Le Guin (which this blog hopes to excellently cover).

Wired magazine has a July 2012 interview with Le Guin, in which she discusses Occupy Oakland, Google’s settlement with the Authors Guild, adaptations of her works, and other science fiction writers (Philip K. Dick, Ray Bradbury and Margaret Atwood).



  1. Eugene R.

    I hope that your daughter was not injured or detained during her coverage of the Occupy Oakland police riots. Press safety can no longer be taken for granted in these increasingly restrictive times, alas.


  1. Dream a little dream of mine | Beamer Books

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