There and Back Again and Back Again and Back Again

Director Peter Jackson has announced that there will be a third Hobbit movie.

I can’t help but wonder whether Mr. Jackson has lost his way in the forest of Mirkwood. One of the charms of The Hobbit is its personal scale. Though Bilbo travels the world and has some rather amazing adventures, the novel is arguably really about personal growth, about coming to age. An expansion of the book into two, now three (marathon?), movies must needlessly have added epic scope and battles. I fear that the soul of The Hobbit will be / has been lost.

Still, you know that I’ll see them all. Whether true to the original, I’m fairly certain that the movies will not “feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”

Next up from Director Jackson: a six movie adaptation of Farmer Giles of Ham.


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  1. Eugene R.

    Well, don’t forget that The Hobbit: the Movie has to introduce the character of Tauriel, Daughter of the Forest. Think of all the backstory that Mr. Jackson is going to have to film to place her properly within the Tolkien universe! And the Necromancer, don’t forget the Necromancer being a big part of the movie. And maybe some nice bits on ‘Gandalf, the Early Years’. Or a nice, loving look at Bilbo, Furry-footed Exterminator of Mirkwood (Spiders a Specialty)?

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